Адвокат Мария Ярмуш
"Я не верю в правосудие,
я его добиваюсь!"

Reference about advocate


I cannot thank Maria enough, her work as an advocate can only be described as outstanding! Maria was professional, knowledgeable, honest and pragmatic. I am so grateful to her for always telling me things as is so that we could take balanced and thought through decisions. This is particularly difficult in emotional cases like mine and I could always count on Maria to provide a sense check. Also, Maria is a lovely person and I could feel that she genuinely cared, she went out of her way on several occasions to help my family during what was a very difficult and stressful time. My messages were answered incredibly promptly, and I could always rely on her to ensure all the details were covered. Most importantly - the outcome surpassed all my expectations. No one wants to be forced into a situation where they have to engage the services of a family advocate, but if anyone is put in this position I truly hope that you are fortunate enough to have Maria on your side.

Anna L.

Testimonial letter 

I would like to recommend Maria Yarmush as a very compassionate and professional International attorney. My case involved two separate incidents of parental kidnapping. It involved two separate complex court cases in the United States and Russia.

Marias English skills were very useful in this complex case. She coordinated documentation to the American Courts as well as navigated the Russian legal system with great skill.

Her assistant Svetlana is also a great asset. When dealing with a human life, your own son it is extremely emotional and she was a kind counselor to calm my anxiety and depression.

Edward Callan


I had the opportunity to find Maria and started collaborating with her as my attorney when I needed a good professional to help me prove the international kidnapping of my child.
Maria is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interests in mind. I was always informed when Maria worked on my case and I always felt like my problem was in very good hands. She continuously kept me updated, she’s extremely well informed, very organized, able to answer any of my questions with extremely competent arguments, always gave me very good directions and suggestions.

Maria is a solid lawyer who practices nothing but the best customer service methods and proved a very strong background in highly delicate and complex cases.
With her vaste knowledge, experience and professional attitude I highly recommend

Maria as lawyer and consider her nothing but the best lawyer in Moscow.
Thanks to her package of qualities she won my case and achieved the best results possible



Dear Maria,

Thank you for your input.

You have been very helpful on many fronts, you are an excellent lawyer!

You are my first choice lawyer but I understand you practice law in Russia, I wish other lawyers would show your dedication, compassion and understand that life has unexpected twists and be open to those possibilities :)

Best Regards,



To whom it may concern,

Advocate Maria Yarmush has represented my interests in several matters over the past 2 years related to Child Custody, Child Support, Character Defamation and Migration Status.
She has acted with great integrity and skill in difficult circumstances always representing my best interests and keeping me well informed. She has had to deal with different Russian government departments, police and courts.
She and her practice are able to communicate fluently in English and assist in complex arrangements.
My interests have been successfully represented and I would highly recommend Maria.

J Gudgeon

This is my personal recommendation for this legal practice and especially Maria Yarmush.

Maria handled my recent legal case personally giving me sound advice and guidance throughout the process, at all times she was happy to discuss the various scenarios and possible outcomes, based on my varying concerns. As I am client not based in Russia and travel extensively, it was a pleasure to deal with someone as responsive and attentive as Maria was.

I highly recommend this practice for providing high quality legal services, relating to family law, child custody and divorce proceedings and intend to use their services in the future for the protection of my private interests.

James Henshaw


Am very satisfied of the way Attorney Maria Yarmush handled my International Case. I was lost without Maria Yarmush who navigated the Court System in the Russian Federation for our family here in America.
Everyone said the case would never be settled from such a distant country, with all the language and cultural differences. I was worried to be sure, having dealt with another group of Lawyers in Moscow. I happened on your website and called Attorney Maria Yarmush. She answered many questions for months with Professionalism. I was so impressed with Maria's answers following the Russian Federation guidelines, I hired her with total confidence.
Now the case is over to our satisfaction and I highly recommend Attorney Maria Yarmush for any legal needs in Moscow Russia, from anywhere in the world.

Scott L. Balcom
Key West, Florida U.S.A.