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In addition, a dispute between parents whom the child loves and feels sorry for is a psychological trauma and a difficult life situation for a child.

For the weak child psyche, such a test does not pass without a trace. The child is forced to adapt to the parent with whom he is currently living. Therefore, he may show negative behaviour toward a parent living apart contrary to his will for objective reasons.

Often the child defiantly refuses to communicate with a father or mother living apart. This is due to the desire of the child to play along with the parent with whom he is forced to reside.

However, the parent who set up the child against the other parent will soon receive in his home a neurotic and a manipulator who will use the conflict between the parents in his own interests and blackmail the parent with whom he is living in future.

For the best resolution of disputes between parents regarding the place of residence of children or determination of the order of communication of a parent living apart, it is necessary to competently organize a legal process and at the same time to restore a dialogue between themselves.

Sometimes only going to a court helps to bring a parent, who abuses his parental rights and acts solely in his own interests in resolving a dispute regarding a child or children, to his senses.

Among disputes about children, the practice includes disputes regarding the place of residence of children and disputes about the rights of a parent living apart regarding the upbringing of a child.

Many people think that they can start the process and resolve the problem without a lawyer by themselves. However, they make fatal mistakes and strategic miscalculations in the course of consideration of the case in court that lead to the adoption of a negative decision for this parent.

In the future, the erroneous conclusions of the court are always used by the other parent to substantiate his legal position when considering new disputes about children between the same parties.

It is very important to find a specialist in family disputes since criminal and arbitration lawyers have little idea how to protect their client in disputes over children.

The experience of a lawyer is also important since good advice, given in the process of resolving a lawsuit, can protect a client from fatal mistakes and direct the whole case to the best resolution of the dispute between parents in the interests of their children.

Children do not forgive the mistakes of their parents made in the process of their upbringing. The child remembers all good and all bad.

The relationship between parents and children is laid in early childhood, so it is important not to miss the chance to do everything correctly and in the interests of their children.

Sometimes only going to the court by one of the parents can protect the child from the arbitrary behaviour of the other parent and help to establish relations with their own children spoiled by quarrels of the parents.

Preparation of such disputes requires attention to small details and forces to start collecting evidence to substantiate any of their claims.

Parents should remember that the close relatives of the child also have the right to communicate with the child by law. Therefore, sometimes it is possible to resolve a dispute between a grandmother or grandfather and a parent of a child regarding their communication with their grandson only in court.

You should always motivate your demands only with the best protection of the interests of children when preparing for child disputes in court. You should forget about your rights and put them in second place, leaving the first place to protect the rights of children.

The travel of children abroad with one of the parents to rest or to live abroad without the consent of the second parent is also linked to disputes about children.

Proper justification of the need to remove the ban imposed by one parent on travelling of a child outside Russia, and correct proving of claims for permission to go with a child to live outside of the Russian Federation without the consent of the second parent will give to the claimant confidence to win a lawsuit and get permission from the court to stay with the child abroad.

It is important to remember that disputes about children can be filed in court at any time before the majority of children in the event of a change in the material circumstances of each particular case.

Only an experienced family lawyer can help to deal with a difficult situation and provide strong and timely protection.