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Legal consultation in Moscow

In everyday life, all individuals face the need to assess the legal aspects of events and situations they encounter. Marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of real estate, writing a novel, coming into an inheritance - all are touched by the law in one way or another.

People need a correct understanding of their and other parties' legal situation before they can accurately assess the legal consequences of their actions, their rights and responsibilities. Only a legal professional, with practical experience in similar situations, can properly assess all the circumstances of a given situation and propose an appropriate legal solution to a problem.

Attorney Maria Yarmush gives legal advice on issues in various branches of the law in various forms:

By telephone:

A first, brief legal opinion can be had on the phone: +7 962 934 13 66 or

Oral consultation

Usually an oral consultation takes one hour. During this time, the lawyer clarifies all relevant circumstances of your case, studying the documents, explains the applicable rules of law, explains the legal procedures for resolution of issues and problems, and provides guidelines for collecting the necessary evidence to establish a firm legal position. After a legal consultation, you will have all the necessary information to pursue effective protection of your rights.

Written consultation

Legal advice can be provided by counsel in writing. Such a step is usually advisable in complex cases. Written legal advice will clarify the law applicable to your case, will establish the legal position of the parties to a dispute, will identify the legal steps which could or should be taken in order to address the situation, and will offer a preliminary opinion as to the likely outcome of proceedings.