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Legal services in the commercial courts

The commercial courts in Russia (called 'arbitrazh' courts but not to be confused with arbitration proper, which is a responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce in Russia, as elsewhere) deal with cases about protection of the violated or disputed rights and interests of enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals in business and other economic activities.

Companies and entrepreneurs can fully protect their infringed rights and interests only in the courts, and this responsibility should be entrusted to professionals. Effective understanding and use of the court process can be undertaken only by a lawyer specializing in commercial disputes.

In a commercial court process it is first necessary to determine which court in fact has the appropriate competence to resolve a dispute. At this stage it may also be possible to estimate the likely cost of proceedings.

At the beginning of proceedings, correct formulation of a claim is of vital importance, whether as part of a pre-trial negotiation process or as a preliminary to judicial proceedings as such. There may also be judicial steps that can be taken to protect or secure property or other rights, and these need to be taken in due time.

If the litigant is the subject of a claim or adverse behaviour, then again it is of great importance to formulate and present a statement of objections and/or a counter-claim.

Needless to say, detailed knowledge of Russian contract and commercial law is indispensable while these steps are being taken. More cases are lost through inadequate preparation than are ever lost in the court-room.

Attorney Yarmush provides legal representation for clients in the commercial (arbitrazh) courts of the Russian Federation, at the arbitration tribunal, in ICAC economic disputes and other cases related to business activities.

Maria Yarmush is experienced in assisting clients in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, as well as in the civil, commercial and appeal courts.