Адвокат Мария Ярмуш
"Я не верю в правосудие,
я его добиваюсь!"

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Advocate Maria Yarmush

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Moscow lawyer Maria Yarmush completed her higher legal education in 2005 at the International Institute of Economics and Law, Moscow. Over the years of her education, she achieved very good results and obtained top grades, working as assistant to the senior partner in Moscow law firm Solidarnost. One year after graduation from the Institute, Maria Yarmush successfully passed the bar exam and was granted Advocate status at the Moscow Law Society, where she is currently registered.

For over 13 years now, Maria Yarmush has been practicing in many branches of family and civil law, including the entire spectrum of family and parental legal relationsand protection of property rights. Maria Yarmush appears frequently in Russian media (TV and Press) as an expert on family and international law matters.

Advocate Yarmush very efficiently handles the dissolution of marriage and all matters associated with divorce and international parental kidnapping due to her extensive procedural experience and excellent knowledge of Russian and international law.

Whether it be the division of marital property, annulment of marriage, cancellation of prenuptial agreement, child residence orders, child visitation procedure, collection of child support and former spouse alimony, pursuance of mandatory consent for child travel from the other parent, legal disputes involving common law marriage couples, property and non-property matters, establishment or contestation of paternity, adoption or cancellation of adoption – lawyer Maria Yarmush has no rival in the speedy resolution of such matters.

While building her legal career, Maria Yarmush has focused on changes taking place in established Russian family law which regulates the relations between spouses – whether citizens of the Russian Federation or citizens of other countries – and their children. Due to her excellent command of the spoken and written English language and solid knowledge of international law, Advocate Yarmush manages to protect the interests of foreign citizens in Russia in the best possible manner.

Maria Yarmush is particularly well known as a lawyer protecting the interests of foreign citizens in Russian courts in proceedings concerning the return of illegally taken (abducted) children to the country of their permanent residence, establishment of custody of children and visitation rights. Moreover, Maria makes every possible effort to minimize psychological distress for the children and their parents in the course of judicial proceedings.

While giving priority to the interests of the children in resolution of family disputes over any other objective and enforcing the rights of her Clients in court, in every case handled by her, Maria Yarmush tries to achieve amicable resolution outside the court-house to minimize legal costs for her Clients.

From the moment when the Client first applies for legal assistance to the final case resolution, the lawyer will try to find the best legal solution to the dispute, minimize conflict between the parties, keep the Client’s costs within reasonable limits and preserve amicable relations between the parties to the litigation.

Protection of property rights, invalidation of transactions, termination of real estate sale and purchase agreements, inheritance in complicated legal cases – all such cases are successfully resolved by Maria Yarmush, whose impeccable work is attested to by the documented gratitude of her Clients.

Lawyer Maria Yarmush pays special attention to the legal support of couples living in a common law marriage without official recognition at the office of civil registration. All matters concerning common property, inheritance, adoption and surrogates can be successfully handled by such couples in compliance with Russian Federation law and legal practice based on her wide expertise.

Combining her professional experience and comprehensive legal knowledge, lawyer Maria Yarmush provides her Clients with top quality legal services including supervision of complex pre- and post-trial administrative procedures, and direct representation in court both at first instance and at appeal.

Ms. Yarmush specializes in family law, civil and international law and actively cooperates with other lawyers in the US, UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany and France, thus being able to assist in resolving family conflicts with a foreign element in all regions of Russia.